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Lion 54 The one you’re reading now. Published March ‘18. • Materials & Hardware • Tools & Equipment • Mountboard • Mounting & Laminating • Conservation • Art Hanging Systems Lion 54 Everythingyouneed for framingandhangingpictures

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p.3 Many framehardware itemsnowhavea testedsafe load

p.49 Now threeoptions to join thecornersofour Sub-frameprofiles

p.118 Superheavy-duty four holeverticalhanger. Testedsafeat80kg

p.144 NewPolyfibre felt bumpers. Inpairs for speedyapplication

TradeCatalogue AllpricesexcludeVAT March2018

Lion Mouldings 2018 Published Sept ‘17. • Finished wood mouldings • Bare wood mouldings • Minerva polymer mouldings • Aluminium mouldings • Chop Service Lion Mouldings catalogue is also available as an unpriced ‘Customer Edition’ for your clients to browse.



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PUB068 V.6 01/2018


The trueprofessional straight-linemount cutter for themodern framer TheprecisionengineeredKeencutUltimat Futura combinesadvanceddesignwithunique versatility to takemanualmount cutting toan unrivaled levelofaccuracyand speed. Theunique cuttingheadof theUltimatFutura, with self-aligningballbearing rollers,operating on twin steel tracks,deliversa slidingaction that is smooth,preciseand friction-freeunder load. Thegeometryof theergonomichead, comfortable forboth leftand right-handedusers, alsoensures thatoperatoreffort isminimaleven when cutting thick8plyboards.

simpleoperation, sonecessary for themany different typesofworkprocessed inabusy framingworkshop. KeencutFutura features include the roller ‘liftand hold’, thepatentedMicro-Stopsand thenon-warp aluminiumbaseplate. The superbhighperformance slidewayand cuttinghead system isdesigned tomeet thedemandsof framersusingall typesand thicknessesofmountboard.All this technology furtherenhancesKeencut’s statusas theworld leader inmanualmountcutterdesign.

The swappablemagneticbladeholdersmake changingblades fordifferentdepthsof cuta


You will see them dotted around the catalogue. To access one directly, key the full

Specificallydesigned to cut themostdenseofmodernmountboardwithease BeautifullyEngineeredCuttingHead -OutstandingFeatures

With swappablemagneticblade holders - switch to cutdifferent thicknessesofboard in seconds • Ergonomicallydesigned cutting headmakes theFuturaeasy touseover longperiodsand is suitable foroperationby left and right-hand.Makesboth beveland vertical cuts • Deliversa slidingaction that is smooth,preciseandwithno discernible frictionunder load

HighPerformanceBallBearings The cuttinghead rollson steelballbearingsgliding on twin steel tracks • Cuttingheadof theUltimat


Futura featuresa setof built-in self-aligningball bearing rollersoperating on twin steel tracks in thealuminium slideway. Designed togivea lifetime of straight,accurateand silent cutting

• Maximumoperatoreffort is transmitted to theblade toput the cuttingofeven8plymountboardwithin the capabilityofevery framer.

• Theballand thrust bearingsused in the UItimatFuturaare coveredbya20-yearGuarantee.

Darran Walker Operations Director 0121 678 6602

Martin Harrold Founder & Chairman 0121 678 6600

Margaret Harrold Founder & Director 0121 678 6604

Nicola Harrold Managing Director 0121 678 6607

Lee Tandy Sales Director 0121 678 6605


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