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New and innovative for 2018

Load Testing Many of our hangers and hooks are now load tested We have built our own test rig so you can be more certain of the safe load carrying capacity of our range of frame hardware. Our little weight icon now shows in two forms, one black and the other black with a red dot. The black one shows a load figure which is based on our experience and judgement, we tend to err on the low side. The black and red one gives a figure which is derived from actual test results on our rig. Typically, the figure is between 25% and 33% of the load at failure. If something is very important to you, then please ask us for a copy of the test report. 8kg 8kg

ATG Tape in 50m Rolls Our new ATG tape, made in the UK, only comes in 50m rolls, 12mm or 19mm wide. It offers great quality at exceptional prices. The 50m rolls fit 700 type applicators, which also take 33m and 55m rolls. More on p.114.

Learn from a demo of a Gunnar AiOX in the Lion showroom in Birmingham You can now plan a visit to our warehouse where you can check out our wide range of framing equipment, have a

demonstration of a Gunnar AiOX and view the extensive collection of Lion Mouldings. Read more on p.11.

Perlon Guide Do your frames angle forward on hanging systems? Fit these singly or in pairs on the top edge of a frame. With them, they should not angle forwards as much as before. See p.162

New SUB-15 Sub-Frame Profile components You now have choices when it comes to joining this very popular profile. We have designed a one-piece moulded push-in corner which works with square cut pieces. The face of the corner has a unique combination of curves which help eliminate the occasional problem of the sharp points of a mitred frame making an indent in the printed panel when flexed. We have also completed development of a steel one piece push-in corner plate, for speedy joining of mitred pieces. This gives you an alternative option to the well proven double-plate steel corners. Read about all three on p.50 Biggest ever D-ring

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Bumpers made from polyfibre felt Self-adhesive, in pairs on a backing paper making them fast to apply. 3mm, 5mm and 7mm thicknesses, p.144.

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It’s got four holes, it’s 60mm long and it is tested to an SWL of 80kg. See it full size on p.118.

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2CV Team LION win the 2017 24 Hour, four times in a row The car, with regular drivers Pete Sparrow, Alec Graham and David O’Keeffe, supported by a great crew, crossed the line after 706 laps,

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seven ahead of the second place 2CV. That’s the teams’ fourth success in a row. They will be trying to make it five at Snetterton, August 17-19. We will also be out in the four meetings prior to the 24 Hour, at Cadwell Park, Brands Hatch, Oulton Park and Donington Park. Pete Sparrow will be driving our lead car at all those. More at: Cover Image: The cover image was spotted printed out as a very dramatic wallpaper in the office of a customer in Doha, Qatar. We believe that it may be a page from a colouring book published in Australia and it may have been digitally coloured by Reese Truscott


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