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E-H Guillotine - Digital

E-H Electro-Hydraulic Mitre Guillotines

The Morso E-H Digital has the same working characteristics as the Morso E-H, but all adjustments are made via the digital screen.

E-H-S Noiseless



MORSO Mitre Cutting


E-H-T 4866

See PUB020

E-H Digital


Remote power pack



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• Adjustment between three lengths of stroke • Adjustment of cutting cycle with two cuts for narrow mouldings. • Adjustment of cutting cycle to give more cuts on wider mouldings. • Adjustment for harder or softer wood. • Automatic switch-off after a certain time. Morso E-H Digital is delivered with two-hand release operation, safety guard, sliding longitudinal stop, second stop, waste chute. • Includes moulding support table for the left side, measuring scale to 1500mm, adjustable fence, adjustable and automatic rebate supports and clamping cylinders. Available with 1ph or 3ph motor. 135kg.

The Morso E-H series of mitre guillotines do all the hard work with an electro-hydraulic power system. Very quiet in operation, at around 70db and little or no dust is created. Fully self-contained, no air supply required. Hydraulically operated moulding clamps and automatic rebate supports keep the moulding firmly in place during the cutting cycle. The head advances automatically in adjustable steps. Interlocked safety switches ensure safe operation. The powerful, smooth, cutting action gives superb cuts on all kinds of wood and synthetic mouldings. All fitted with the Second Stop, which lets you set short and long lengths for a run of the same size of frame. E-H: the original powered machine, available in single or three phase. E-H-T: similar, but with upgraded power pack for faster cutting cycles. E-H-S: Power pack positioned remotely, so even quieter. E-H Digital: Full digital control.

E-H-X-L cuts moulding up to 250mm tall and 150mm wide.



New - Ask us about the new Morso E Future Green, 9880, all-electric guillotine

E-H-X-L: Massive 5 bolt special blades, 5573, to cut wood and synthetic mouldings up to 150mm wide and 250mm tall. It measures up to 2.5m. A unique machine for high quality volume framers. It delivers the cut size advantages of a saw, but with minimal noise and no dust extraction requirements. E-H series machines are ready to use after connection to the power supply. No compressor required. Ask for more information on the optional digital control system for new E-H range guillotines.

See PUB019


E-H-S 100mm 180mm 3 bolt


E-H Digital

E-H-X-L 150mm 250mm

Max mldg. width Max mldg. height

100mm 180mm 3 bolt

100mm 100mm 180mm 180mm


3 bolt 1.5m 1200 135kg 4866

3 bolt 1.5m 1200 135kg

5 bolt 2.5m 800** 267kg 5541 415v 3ph £12400.00

R/hand measure




1ph & 3ph

1ph & 3ph

1ph & 3ph 1ph & 3ph

Frames per day




135kg 3415/B



Morso E-H Digital


7294A/B £9100.00


Part Number


£9600.00 £12950.00

E-H series guillotines use Tellus hydraulic oil. This should be changed when the machine is serviced each year. 3958 Tellus hydraulic oil 6 lt £28.70 Tellus Hydraulic Oil

** Depending on size of moulding

Dan-List have a wide range of tools and accessories specially designed to fit their Morso mitre cutters. Careful choices from that range will help make your own Morso cutter easier to use and even more efficient in a production environment. Check our website for info on these here and others. Production Accessories for Morso Guillotines

Mitre cut wood and polymer mouldings without noise or dust

Morso F with auto digital measure and auto rebate measure

Morso Mitre Guillotines - manufactured in Denmark by DanList for over 100 years. All have two super-sharp blades set at right angles to slice through the moulding. Choose foot or electro-hydraulic.

Roller in-feed table with optional moulding racks

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